Handcrafted & Small Batch Made Artisan Kimchi, Made with lots of ♥ in New York.

Be careful, can be addictive! Well packed and done very well with great aroma. brings the leftover takeout back to life!!! Felt like Back in home.

Jung Lee
Long Island, NY

What Makes Us Special?

No Added #NOMSG, Handcrafted from our generation old family recipe. Chef's Kimchi will give you new appreciation for kimchi.

Every jar of Chef’s Kimchi is handcrafted and lacto-fermented using only the freshest all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives. Raw and gluten-free, this kimchi is packed with vitamins and non-dairy probiotics that are essential for your diet.

Our Kimchi

Inspired by our Grand mothers and Mothers, We fed our sons and daughters with same Kimchi that created in small batches using local & seasonal ingredients.

Why Probiotic Kimchi?

  • Top secret fermentation process from 100 years old recipe 
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial  bacteria
  • Eliminates and suppresses harmful bacteria
  • 100 times the “Healthy Bacteria” over yogurt
  • Removes toxic waste from the digestive tract
  • High fiber, low sodium, low fat
  • No unpleasant odor
  • No MSG
  • Local Ingredients. 
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