Kimchi is a fermented side dish that is the staple of korean cuisine. The most common types are napa cabbage and radish, however there are in fact many more kinds of kimchi made from various leafy greens, peepers, or root vegetables.

Most kimchi contains chili flakes, but not all. Though, chili acts not only as a preservative, but also gives kimchi its unique spicy flavor. Our kimchi tends to be milder than most and serve in our restaurants that tend for all customers.

Each batch of Umma kimchi is brine, and then fermented in room temperature for several days. Depending on the season and weather, Some kimchi needs less aging and some kimchi needs more fermented to get strong sour flavor. In fact most of our kimchi fermented up to 2-4 weeks fermented.

No, there is no vinegar in kimchi. The sourness comes from the fermentation. 

Some kimchi are vegetarian, though most traditional kimchi have used fish sauce or shrimp paste. Unless it says vegetarian, its safe to assume most kimchi isn’t. Not all our kimchi are completely vegan. For our vegan Kimchi We use mushroom and seaweed to bring the umami flavor out in our vegan batch.

Yes, the bubbles are great. They tell you that your kimchi is alive and filled with probiotic goodness.

Once opened, kimchi should be refrigerated to help it last longer. Kimchi is not considered shelf stable because of its numerous healthy bacteria.

If stored properly, You can keep kimchi for many months.

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